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Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys in the World

The concept of yahoo boys is a totally popular one among Nigerians. It is an informal time period for individuals who allegedly make cash thru net fraud. Yahoo boys are recognized for extravagant spending and flaunting their wealth.

A number of them are very popular due to the fact they have gotten extraordinarily and attracted interest from people or even lovers on social media. We’ve got introduced you to lit of the pinnacle 10 richest yahoo boys inside the global.

Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys in the World

Richest Yahoo Boys Worldwide

1. Ray Hushpuppi

Ray Hushpuppi is currently the richest and most popular yahoo boy in Nigeria. He has gathered a lot of wealth from the practice and he is known to flaunt Gucci products on social media as he spends a lot of money on the brand’s products. His social life is never far away from Nigerians as he is known all over social media.

2. Ismaila Mompha

Number 2 on the list of richest yahoo boys in Nigeria is Ismaila Mompha. He is one of those yahoo boys known to flaunt cash on social media by putting up pictures where they hold bundles of cash. He is known to give business advice to his fans and followers on social media platforms. He also a Bureau De Change business in Lagos.

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3. Shy Boss

Shy Boss is currently the 3rd richest yahoo boy in Nigeria. He is known to be socially active and he has a huge fan base on social media, having over 180k followers on Instagram. He also flaunts his wealth by showing off his expensive wears and accessories.

4. Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha’s real name is Badmus Akeem. He is a yahoo boy as well as an actor and musician. As an actor, he has starred in Nollywood movies with stars like Toyin Abraham. As a musician, he has collaborated with big names in the Nigerian music industry like Lil Kesh and Olamide. He is currently the 4th richest yahoo boy in Nigeria.

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5. King Jide

King Jide, popularly known as The Mayor of Cape Town is a Nigerian yahoo boy based in South Africa. He shows off his wealth n social media and has been able to garner a lot of fans and followers. King Jide is currently 6th on this list.

6. Opa 6ix

Opa 6is is known to be one of the largest spenders on the list. He also has a large number of fans on social media who admire his luxurious way of life. He is currently 6th on the list of richest yahoo boys in Nigeria.

7. Aremo Gucci

Number 7 on the list of Nigeria’s richest yahoo boys is Aremo Gucci. As his name implies, he is also a lover of the Gucci brand. He also a lot of followers on social media who admire his extravagant Gucci collections.

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8. B Naira

B Naira, whose real name is Adewale Adebayo. He is a yahoo boy and also a musician. He gained popularity in the music world after his hit song, Jasi. He has a music recording studio and other investments. He is the 8th richest yahoo boy in Nigeria.

9. Investor BJ

Investor BJ is number on this list. He is also one of the Gucci fans on the list. He is based in Malaysia and he has a huge fan base as well.

10. Deskid Wayne

Deskid Wayne is a flamboyant spender who flaunts his wealth with pictures n social media. He also flaunts his girlfriend on social media whom he seems to be faithful to despite his wealth. He is currently the 10th richest yahoo boy in Nigeria.


Other very famous yahoo boys inside the world put in extra paintings to fall on this listing. Let’s pay attention what you think about all this within the comments phase.

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