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List of Airports in Zimbabwe


The list of airports in Zimbabwe includes international airports in Zimbabwe and domestic and regional airports. The main airports in Zimbabwe that receive reasonable traffic are mentioned in the list below.


There are many airports in Zimbabwe that offer a wide range of amenities and services to passengers. From domestic and international terminals to ground transportation options, Zimbabwe’s airports provide travelers with everything they need for a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

List of Airports in Zimbabwe

City Name Airport Name IATA code
Buffalo Range Buffalo Range BFO
Bulawayo Bulawayo BUQ
Bumi Hills Bumi Hills BZH
Chipinge Chipinge CHJ
Gweru Gweru GWE
Glendale Glendale GWV
Harare Harare HRE
Hwange Nat Park Hwange Nat Park HWN
Kariba Kariba KAB
Masvingo Masvingo MVZ
Mutare Mutare UTA
Victoria Falls Victoria Falls VFA
Hwange Hwange WKI

How many airports are in Zimbabwe?

Many people want to know how many airports in Zimbabwe. We also provide a full list of airports in Zimbabwe, you can look at the list of airports in the country listed in the table above.

The first thing to know about airports in Zimbabwe is that they are few and far between.
We also try to make a legitimate list of airports in Zimbabwe if you want to give us any advice on this list of airports.

If I have left any important information on this list, feedback is appreciated and appreciated on Edumainportal.com. Feel free to comment below.

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