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Lephalale TVET College Admission Requirements 2023/2024

Lephalale TVET College Admission Requirements 2023-2024 – All Lephalale TVET College Students who wish to study in any of the courses offered by the Lephalale TVET College are expected to assess the minimum entry requirements Lephalale TVET College Admission Requirements 2023.


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The management of the Lephalale TVET College has indicated that all Applicants must make a note of these Admission Requirements before applying for an Admission check below.

How to Apply Online at Lephalale TVET College Admission Requirements 2023

Check the Lephalale TVET College Requirements Before Applying here

All applicants who are starting a new degree must download all the required documents, which usually contain the following:

Copy of your school qualifications (eg senior certificate)
Copy of your official higher education record (if available) (online copies will not be accepted)
Copy of your ID (RSA students) or ID/passport (international students)
Copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable) or divorce decree (if applicable)
A sworn translation of texts if not available in English or Afrikaans
Lephalale TVET College 2023 Admission Requirements

Below are the Entry Requirements for the Lephalale TVET College 2023. Applicants must read carefully before applying.

Prior to applying, applicants must meet the Lephalale TVET College Admission Requirements listed below.

Here are the requirements for admission to the Lephalale TVET College 2023
(3 years of fulltime study)

This curriculum contains compulsory subjects for both Mathematics and Physics. Physics courses cover a wide range of disciplines such as Solid-state Physics, Relativity, Atomic #Physics, Optics, Semiconductors, Electronics, Nuclear Physics, and Electricity.
Lab work is an important part of the course, teaching students measurement techniques, laboratory equipment skills, data collection and processing, and scientific methods. Optional subjects such as Chemistry, Computer Science, and Applied Mathematics can also be included and recommended. During the third year of study, students have the opportunity to take optional courses that include physics projects that show students how to solve current and important issues in the field of physics. This is recommended for students who wish to acquire practical and integrated knowledge in the use of real-world physics.

Basic requirements for admission to the Lephalale TVET College 2023

National Senior Certificate (NSC)
Statistics: 5 (C Symbol: 60% -69%) (Note that Mathematical Literacy will not be accepted)
Physical Science: 5 (C Symbol: 60% -69%)
English or Afrikaans: 4 (D Mark: 50% -59%)
Life Orientation: 4 (D Symbol: 50% -59%) (Not included when calculating APS)
Two other subjects: 4 (D Symbol: 50% -59%)
32 Admission Points Score (APS)
Login test

Students who do not meet these admission requirements may write an admission test to be considered for admission to the BSc Four-Year Program by the Admissions Committee.

(4 years of full-time study)

The new BSc Four-Year Program provides access to science and science degree programs by setting lower entry requirements compared to entry requirements for BSc Three-year programs. Provides in-depth training to prepare students to continue their studies in general science and science programs.

This will mean that students who enroll in this program, have the same results as existing BSc / degree programs. This program is available to all Grade 12 learners. Only a limited number of students are accepted into the Extended Program.

The program is offered in English at both Hatfield and Mamelodi centers. Winners will be placed on the Hatfield Campus or the Mamelodi Campus, depending on the availability of resources.

The duration of the first phase of the program is 18 months (3 semesters). Upon successful completion of this program, students will receive credits equal to the Semester 1 for the First Year of the Three-Year Program and the student may enroll in the 1st Year Semester 2 programs offered in the Three Year Program.

In extended courses, additional components of counseling, such as laboratory work, computer-assisted reading, seminars, and small group courses are offered to assist students.

The program consists of the following streams: Mathematical Science, Biological and Agricultural Science, Animal Biology, and Natural Sciences. Students wishing to study engineering should apply for a Physical Science stream, and students wishing to study one of the health sciences should apply for the Biological Sciences stream. Transfers from one broadcast in the BSc Four-Year Program to another are possible by the end of the first semester.

Lephalale TVET College Login Requirements 2023-2024

National Senior Certificate (NSC)
Mathematical Literacy will not be accepted
Mathematics 4 (50% -59%) or 3 (40% -49%) only if 4 is obtained from Physical Sciences.
Physical Science 4 (50% -59%) or 3 (40% -49%) only if 4 is obtained in Mathematics.
English or Afrikaans: 4 (50% -59%)
Life Orientation: 4 (50% -59%) (Not included when calculating APS)
Two more subjects: 4 (50% -59%)
Admission Points Score (APS) at least 22
Lephalale TVET College Admission test

📌NOTE – Lephalale TVET College Application forms can be obtained at any of the Lephalale TVET College Admission Office in Hard Copy and, or applied online on the Lephalale TVET College official website.

The Lephalale TVET College List of Courses Offered For 2023 Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Certificate, Diploma, Short Course, and Degree course programs.

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