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Flight Ticket Prices from Nigeria to South Africa

Do you want to travel to South Africa but don’t know where to start? Well, you are in the right place. South Africa is becoming home to many tourists from all over the world and it is quite easy to see why. While it doesn’t take much to travel from Nigeria to South Africa, there are a few basic things to consider, one of which is the price of your plane ticket.

Flight Ticket Prices from Nigeria to South Africa

In this post, we will look at the prices of air tickets from Nigeria to South Africa, considering various prices from different airlines. We will also see some factors that influence the variation of these prices. Then let’s get started.

Flight Ticket Prices from Nigeria to South Africa

While lots of emphases have been placed on getting Visa and other basic logistics when travelling from Nigeria to South Africa, one of the core factors to take not is the price of flight ticket. With a number of flights available when booking a flight from Nigeria to South Africa, it is always essential to compare prices of flight ticket from various airlines and get the best possible deal.

Booking a flight ticket to South Africa is not much of a big deal. Thanks to technology, this process has been made to easy and very accessible. You can even book a flight ticket from Nigeria to South Africa within the confines of your room provided you have access to good internet and a mobile phone, tablet or PC. You can easily select the date of the trip and see if the airline operates that day, for some airlines that don’t fly the path every day. To makes things easier, there are now websites that go to the extent of even comparing prices of various airlines that are due to fly at the date you selected. Firstly, they check for available flights the day you have selected and then bring out the list of available airlines and their corresponding ticket prices and packages available.

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Prices of flight ticket from Nigeria to South Africa vary with airlines. One major factor that affects the variation in prices of flight ticket is the time the ticket is booked. Generally, the earlier you book a ticket, the cheaper. A ticket booked one month to three weeks before the actual flight is usually cheaper than when booked a few days to the flight. Flight tickets booked on the actual day of flight or a day before are usually very expensive. If you want to economize, then you should book your ticket days or weeks before your flight.

The date the flight ticket is booked and day the flight is scheduled for are among the common factors that affect the variation. There are various flight options available. Although only few airlines run direct flight from Nigeria to Dubai, most other airlines operate on stop-over basis before they finally get to Dubai. This is another factor that affects the prices of flight ticket from Nigeria to Dubai. Also, depending on when your flight take-off time is, there is always some significant difference in ticket prices.

Here, we will take a look at prices of flight ticket from Nigeria to South Africa focusing on some popular airlines. Due to the varying prices of flight ticket, we will list the prices from the lowest to the highest possible range irrespective of when the flight is booked. For convenience, we will focus on flight from Lagos to Johannesburg.


  • Economy: N167, 000 – N340, 000
  • Business class: N500, 000 – N790, 000
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South African Airways

  • Economy: N350, 000 – N500, 000
  • Business Class: N1, 300, 000 – N1, 800, 000

Etihad Airways

  • Economy: N450, 000 – N700, 000
  • Business-class: N1, 000, 000 – N1, 300, 000

Emirates Air

  • Economy: N480, 000 – N900, 000
  • Business class: N1, 500, 000 – N2, 500, 000

Ask Airlines

  • Economy: N900, 000 – N1, 200, 000
  • Business class: N1, 800, 000 – N2, 200, 000

Turkish Airways

  • Economy: N500, 000 – N800, 000
  • Business class: N1, 000, 000 – N1, 380, 000

British Airways

  • Economy: N900, 000 – N1, 000, 000
  • Business class: N800, 000 – N2, 000, 000

Ethiopian Air

  • Economy: N200, 000 – N400, 000
  • Business-class: N600, 000 – N900, 000

Air France

  • Economy: N800, 000 – N1, 100, 000
  • Business-class: N1, 300, 000 – N1, 750, 000

Kenyan Air

  • Economy: N186, 000 – N400, 000
  • Business class: N580, 000 – N750, 000

Virgin Atlantic

  • Economy: N1, 400, 000 – N1, 800, 000
  • Business class: N5, 800, 000 – N6, 750, 000

It is essential to note that the prices of flight listed above is strictly for return tickets. Here, we focused on prices of flight strictly from the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos to the international Airport in Johannesburg. These prices listed above are liable to change at any time. Prices of air flight can be very unpredictable. The variation is as a result of some factors which include fuel prices and a currency exchange rate that that period.

How long does it take to fly from Nigeria to South Africa?

Generally, there is no specific duration of time it takes to fly from one place to another. This is as a result of many factors which include how fast the airplane is and the route the plane follows. Flying from Nigeria to South Africa does not have a particular time. Although the trip can be estimated to be an average of 6 hours 15 minutes for non- stop flights. However, for stopover flights, the trip can take as long as 10 – 30 hours depending on the stopover locations and duration of the stopover.

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Some airlines even make the flight in a few minutes less than the estimated average period. The fastest airline can make the trip in 6 hours and some 5 – 10 minutes. Please note that this estimation is calculated strictly between the cities of Lagos and Johannesburg. Flight to other parts of South Africa from Lagos may take shorter or longer period depending on the location and route.

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