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Colleges That Offer Psychology Courses

A career in psychology includes the use of scientific methods and an understanding of the human brain to help people overcome their problems. If you are interested in becoming a psychologist, we have put together a list of universities that offer psychology courses.
Colleges That Offer Psychology Courses

As a psychologist, you will need to enjoy working with people, helping them overcome problems, face new challenges, and continually learn so that you can provide relevant advice and diagnoses.

Earning a degree in Psychology will not only be a starting point for a career as a practicing psychologist, but could also lead to careers in child care, social work, and legal work.

There are a variety of public tertiary institutions such as universities and colleges in South Africa that offer students the opportunity to study for a psychology degree.

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List of Colleges in South Africa that Offer Psychology Courses

  • South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP)
  • Cornerstone Institute
  • Birnam College
  • Varsity College

In order to study psychology at a tertiary institution, the prospective student needs to have a National Senior Certificate (NSC) meeting the requirements for the course specializing in psychology.

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When considering a field of Psychology studies that they would like to go into, the student will need to do their own research as the requirements for each specialization in psychology will differ from each institution.

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